As the name explains, referring program means inviting your friend or family member for a service or product you are currently using and getting reward benefits with it. This is more like affiliate marketing. The referring medium can be any, be it social media or email, telephonic conversation or any other. But the rewards are certain after you have referred and your referrals join the group. You can even share your link to someone and suggest them to join. This is what is the overview of refer and earn money online to all of us. Now, it is high time to understand how to grow income online by referring friends and from the referral turnover also.

There are various online sites where you get high-upfront commission or earn residual income per referral. The company pays you for their free signups, when these referrals begin using the services or sale the products.

So, you must be thinking how easy it is to earn money online by referring friends. Let’s know how to grow income by referring friends on online platforms. Empire ReEarn (ER) is one such online medium that allow you to refer and earn income online.

Refer and Earn at ER

The Bible says, “As You Saw, So Shall You Reap”. Similarly, you have to plant seeds in your referral’s mind regarding your product and the service. As soon as they join your network you begin to earn income.

The same slogan works at ER. Empire ReEarn (ER) is an online digital portal with multiple income facility. All of us are sick and tired of receiving the reminder message from service provider regarding recharges and bill payments of our daily needs. We really work hard to wind up our day on time to reach service provider office and make recharges or bill payments.

The best way here is to think of ER – one of the upcoming online platforms that feature recharges and bill payment facility. ER provides online recharge services for mobile, DTH and datacard together with online bill payments for electricity, landline, broadband, gas bill and insurance premium.

Now, this is something that would definitely relax us. We won’t have to spare time for any of such requirement. Instead, it can all be done online with ER. The more you will network about this advantage, the more is the income you will get from ER. This is like earning money online by inviting friends. The important thing here is to download the ER app from Play Store and start using the benefits of ER.

But only ER user can get the benefit of earning income through ER. To become an ER user is an easy process.

How to be ER user

You can become ER user after getting yourself registered at ER. For the online earning benefits, as an ER user, you have to fill up his/her KYC document details displayed on ER app. ER user will only be able to get earning benefits after company’s verification.

There are basically four different types of income offered by ER to the ER user. The user is advantageous to increase his/her income with facilities like Self Turnover Income, Referral Turnover Income, Team Turnover Income and Reward.

We will discuss on what is Referral Turnover Income and how to earn Income from referrals?

What is Referral Turnover Income

It is the income company provides to ER user on the turnover of his direct referred user’s mobile and DTH recharge. The income can be provided to the ER user only after he/she fulfills the monthly mandatory condition of topup and recharge for mobile or DTH of the specific amount decided by the company.

Don’t you think this is awesome to earn money online by referring friends and family?

Just become ER user, start making mobile and DTH recharge from your own profile and also begin referring people. Your referred users also have to make topup and recharge for mobile or DTH through ER. This is how referral income starts at ER.

However, it is important to note that ER user can only earn if document is uploaded completely and your KYC details is verified by Company. It is equally essential that as ER user, you fulfill the monthly mandatory condition of topup and recharge as decided by the company.

This explained how to grow income by referring friends at ER.

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