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As a kid, we have seen our parents saving clipping coupons and getting the advantage of these sale coupons to save money. Those parental activity seemed bit confusing at times but these indeed helped solve financial issue. At core, helping family thrive through the thick and thin. They considered this as reward. Today, you may realize how you have reached so far due to your parent’s money saving attitude. Nowadays, clipping coupons are there only in newspapers. But companies use other social media platforms to market and sell their products. Some companies give different offers online, the consumers get rewards on accomplishing small goals decided by the company. Let is understand how are rewards earned online.

Approx ten years ago, we used to get rewards on completing company’s purchase target in the form of small gifts. When it comes to sales point of view, employees got rewards in the form of medal or some coupons. Nowadays, things have changed, employees get coupons for any product or retail, restaurant outlet or anything as such when they finish the target, set up by their company. After all as defined by David Lynch, “Achievement is its own reward”.

Growth of Digital Medium

With online digital medium taking its toll on human mind in comparison to physical medium, majority of the organizations are now available an online app. As soon as you reach online consumer target levels, you get some rewards. Be it in terms of purchase, refer and earn policy or any other business oriented services offered by the company. The reward may vary from one organization to other based on company policy. Sometimes; the rewards can be a coupon, coins or voucher; overall-it is the reward.

One always rejoices while receiving the rewards.

The apps are changing the way consumers shop and save their money, also get rewards online. These online medium have certain criteria to fulfill, to give away reward income to customers. Empire ReEarn (ER) is one such online means to get reward yourself for saving money.

We will discuss on how are rewards earned online at ER and ways to earn more reward.

Get Amazing Rewards at ER Online

Empire ReEarn (ER) is an online digital portal with multiple income facility. The ER user is advantageous to increase his/her income with facilities like Self Turnover Income, Referral Turnover Income, Team Turnover Income and Reward.

Now, it is the ER user that can gain the benefits of earning income at ER. Don’t worry, to become ER user is pretty easy process. You just have to download the ER app from Play Store and start using the benefits of ER. You can become ER user after completing registration at ER. To avail earning benefits, you have to fill up his/her KYC document details displayed on ER app.

ER basically is one of the upcoming online digital platforms that feature recharges and bill payment facility. It provides online recharge services for datacard, mobile, DTH and  together with online bill payments for gas bill, landline, electricity, broadband and insurance premium.

That is, you can pay all your utility bills online without making an effort to reach the service provider’s office and then make bill payments online. At the same time, ER offers certain income facility on topup and online recharge for mobile or DTH, along with online recharging services.

Rewards at ER

Reward is one of its kind, where ER user can get the Reward only if he/she maintains the target level within the time frame decided by the company in addition to complete the minimum non-repeated team members’ target of topup and recharge for mobile or DTH assigned by the company.

The target level here mentions the users to bring in under your confined limitations within the time frame decided by the company. At the same time, being ER user – you will have to complete the minimum non-repeated team members’ target of topup and recharge for mobile or DTH assigned by the company. You will also have to do the topup and recharge for mobile or DTH from your own profile. This is how you will be eligible to get rewards from ER.

No wonder it is said by Arlene Blum, “The greatest rewards come only from the greatest commitment”.

This is how rewards are earned online. Thus, ER is one of the best online platform to earn rewards.


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