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When it comes to understanding the turnover, it is the total sales generated in business after spending in all the expenses charged against the net sales. Turnover also means the total amount of asset or the liabilities in business in comparison to the sales level that it generates. But here, we are talking about self turnover income – it is the actual turnover that a person receives based on the efforts put in. Self turnover income is basically your total turnover less than your total expense. When we calculate the turnover, expense must not be counted together with it. Here, we will speak on how to gain self turnover income and how beneficial it is on regular basis.

Now, the first question that you would think of : Can the Self Earned Revenue be termed as Self Turnover?

Oh yes, for the average person or small trade owner, there is no vast a difference between self turnover and revenue. The total of the amount spent and earned during the year differs.

How About Earning Online and Growing Income Through it?

There are ample of online earning platforms via which one can invest and begin to earn online based on his/her efforts. Be it a recharging or bill payment platform, marketing and selling products online, and earning much out of it. The major hurdle is to handle the traffic and remain updated with current needs. It is also tough to remain available as and when needed while selling products online.

Recharging and bill payment is more or less a relaxing platform here. All you have to do is make your daily requirements bill payment or recharge for your regular needs and get going at your convenience. You can also spread the message of its benefits by sharing if asked by the platform and still make earning with it. You are making income based on your self efforts and make extra income online. This is one of the easy way to make extra money at home. No specific educational degree or certificate required to grow side income this way.

How soothing does this sound…right!!!

Empire ReEarn (ER) is also one such online medium with multiple income facility. We will talk on how to Gain Self Turnover Income with ER below.

Make Extra Income From Home Via ER Self Turnover Income

The ER user is able to earn much through Empire ReEarn in different ways by either doing online topup and recharge for mobile or DTH either thought ER App or ER website.

The days are gone when we stood in queue at service provider’s office for the mobile or DTH recharge or do their topup too. In the current era, topup and recharge are now a part and parcel of our daily requirements. But our hectic lives prevent us from leaving household or office stuff. We still have to complete the task by reaching service provider’s office. All such topup and recharge can be done online through ER app or ER website.

ER provides online recharge services for mobile, DTH and datacard together with online bill payments for landline, electricity, broadband, gas bill and insurance premium. You can just download the ER app from Play Store and start using the benefits of ER.

It is always the ER user who can get the benefit of earning income through ER. But how do you become an ER user?

The person can become ER user after registering himself/herself at ER. In order to get the earning benefits from ER, the user has to fill up his/her KYC document details displayed on ER app. These details include Photo ID, Address ID, Pancard details and others. These details will then be verified by the company. After company’s verification only, ER user will be able to gain earning benefits online.

There are basically four different types of income for ER user. The user is advantageous to increase his/her income with facilities like Self Turnover Income, Referral Turnover Income, Team Turnover Income and Reward.

As mentioned on the blog topic, let’s discuss what is self turnover income. Also, how does company offer income to ER user.

What is ER Self Turnover Income?

Self Turnover Income is the income company provides when the user does mobile and DTH recharge from his own profile at ER. The user receives this income only after the user fulfills the monthly mandatory condition of topup and recharge for mobile or online topup and recharge DTH of the specific amount decided by the company.

Isn’t this awesome to make extra income even with a full-time job? Just become ER user, start making online mobile recharge and online DTH recharge from your own profile. And this explains how to gain self turnover income via ER.

However, it is necessary to understand that ER user can only earn if he/she uploads the document completely. Also, if his/her KYC details is verified by Company. It is equally important to note that user fulfills the monthly mandatory condition as decided by the company.


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