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Telecom innovation has raised individual’s assumption for everyday comforts. With the present advancement in technology, the internet has made our lives even more simpler, we all like to sit on the couch of our room and get many of our daily requirements done online. Be it watching movie, shopping, playing games, surfing things as needed or just for the information, all of these are being done easily with the use of smart phones. But with such facilities in hand, we still feel weary when it comes to paying postpaid bills for the mobile. How about making the mobile bill payment online? Empire ReEarn (ER)-an online platform with multiple facilities can help you do so, you can do the postpaid mobile bill payment online via ER.

Why use ER for the postpaid mobile bill payment?

Mobile phones are an intrinsic part of our lives now but to pay postpaid mobile bill every month can be hard job at times. This does look so dull, especially when you are running short of time and have to reach the office on time due to an urgent meeting. You may even have to pay a late charge because you missed the deadline date. Now you know that you will have to wait for the next day to reach the service provider office as the office might be closed now. This is nothing but the waste of time and also money.

So what is the best solution?

The easiest way out here, is to think or rather opt for the platform that allows to pay postpaid mobile bill online. This comes as big relief! Forget the discomfort of rushing to the nearest service provider’s office or to remember the deadline date and spare time from office or other household stuff, just to pay mobile bill. Do postpaid mobile bill payment online Via ER app, which is the most convenient task.

You can download the ER app from Play Store, and begin using different services of ER. Write in your mobile number, select your operator and then choose your circle, i.e. the state where you reside. Write in the amount as mentioned in your bill and then proceed for our postpaid mobile bill payment. You would now realise that how swiftly you could do postpaid mobile bill payment online via ER.

ER services

It is just not the postpaid mobile bill payment facility that ER offers, you can also gain other ER service benefits. You can make recharge for mobile & DTH and online bill payments for gas pipeline, broadband, electricity, landline from ER easily. This would not consume much of your time nor would you have to put in much effort for the same. Thus, ER is as one stop online medium with multiple solutions…

However, when it comes to online bill payments, we fear about our data privacy. But don’t worry, ER is the trustworthy medium in this regard. All your personal details like email id, passwords, debit card number, credit card number, date of birth remains safe with ER.

ER offers its services PAN India. You can make your mobile phone bill payment online via ER through Debit Card, Net Banking, Visa Card and Mastercard. So download the ER app and do postpaid mobile bill payment online via ER.

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